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Sarah Day - March 18 
12:45pm 17/03/2007

I found this out through dolly_cafeteria

kellyhime is advertising that tomorrow, the 18th, is Sarah Day. Sarah Schoch is a very sick young lady with not too much longer to live. ;_; She recently made this post about the progression of her cancer.

So, tomorrow, post UNLOCKED pictures of your BJDs in honor of Sarah, then post a link in her journal (dullapples).

More info can be found here.

Let's show Sarah that the BJD community is there for her!!

METROCON 2007 Doll Events!! 
01:10pm 19/02/2007
mood: accomplished
This year at METROCON (July 6-8, 2007 at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida), I will be hosting a doll panel on Saturday night from 7-9pm in Panel Room 1, and it will feature a BJD meetup and two events! The first event is Project Dollfie: The Calibur of Design and the second is A Moment in Time, a doll photography contest.

Project Dollfie: The Calibur of DesignCollapse )

A Moment in Time Photography ContestCollapse )

**If this is not appropriate, say so and I will delete**

Speaking of customizing... 
08:16pm 29/09/2005
  Anyone wanna customize this journal/give me ideas. I don't wanna use Kellen or make it seem like I am biased to one specific type of BJD. Hmmm...I am going to go look for some good pics ^^ Expect a different but still pretty basic layout soon.